We are nuts about rockets! We are Rocketeers!

Rocketeers India’s first solid fuel powered model rocket kit manufacturer, supplying kits to schools, colleges and rocket enthusiasts across the country. Rocketeers also provides turnkey educational solutions incorporating experiential learning based STEM education using scientifically designed curriculum, experiments and projects to students and educational institutions across the country.



Our Vision

The children today live in beautiful times. Within their lifetimes, they will see not only the first human landing on our celestial neighbor, but also our efforts to set up human habitat there. They live in a world where space science is enabling technologies and applications never imagined before in sectors such as agriculture, communication, data analytics, disaster management and prediction, energy, travel and tourism and many more. Not only will the students of today see these technologies in their lifetimes but they will be the ones driving them as we build more and more capacity to access space. They live in an exploratory age which has arrived again after almost 400 years.

We provide Plug and Play educational programs for students, institutions and businesses that can be deployed without disrupting any of the normal activities of the institution or the company. Our programs and activities are enabling us to create a platform providing such students with a step by step path to become the spacecraft builders of tomorrow irrespective of their location and formal education. We will give students across the country the very tools they need to learn, build and develop their abilities and skills to become rocket scientists, who will now go on to colonize Mars and newer frontiers than ever before. India is one of the leading space faring nations of the world. As ISRO supports more and more privatization and asks for support from the private industry, Rocketeers is building the much-needed ecosystem that acts as the primary growth driver and talent pool for this industry.


Our Secret Sauce

The curriculum and content design philosophy called Experiential Learning, we have inculcated into our curriculum experiential learning of an ever increasing plethora of industry professionals, Experts, Academics, Scientists and NewSpace pioneers. Incorporation of their experiential case studies, has made our curriculum highly industry relevant and oriented. It also keeps it updated with latest best practices in space tech. For our Cubesat curriculum, we are already consulted over 30 ISRO scientists and more than 20 private space industries.

So here is to our motto : "Rocket Science in every Classroom"

With our aim to create this ecosystem, we are building an access portal to space technology for the masses, to democratize space technology and make access universal.

- “ A Space To Build For Space ”

Our Secret Sauce

  • May 2016 - First Rocketeers Model Rocketry Workshop
  • January 2017 - Awarded Top Technology Startup by Times of India

  • June 2017 - 5000 - successful Typhoon model Rocket flights
  • September 2017 - Nominated by NITI Aayog to India International Science Festival

  • October 2017 - Nominated by DIPP as Top 80 Indian Startups at GES -2017 showcased to Hon’ble PM Shri Narendra Modi and Ivanka Trump

  • December 2017 - 10000 successful Typhoon model rocket flights
  • January 2018 - Awarded Runner up at ET NOW and Lufthansa Runway to Success aired on ET Now (Oct 2017 - Jan 2018)

  • May 2018 - 15000 successful Typhoon model rocket flights
  • July 2018 - Launched India’s first completely indigenised range of model rocketry Motors, Components and DIY Kits

Team Rocketeers