Basic Model Rocketry Workshop with Hurricane


Become a rocket scientist! Build your own rocket!

13 students

Whizrobo presents the Rocketeers model rocketry experience now online!


India’s first Online Solid Fuel Motor powered rocketry workshop


  • Rockets delivered to your doorstep
  • Build and Fly Model Rockets. 
  • Use Launchers and Remote Ignition systems 
  • Understand engineering principles to design any Rocket 
  • Bringing the dream of rockets and space science closer



Enroll in this workshop for an exciting journey learning about space technology, physics and rockets. Also get to build & launch your own rocket delivered directly at your doorstep.




Inspired by the R2D2 droid, the Hurricane is our small tribute to the epic sci-fi saga “Star Wars”. It is big, powerful and a sight to behold


Type: Level 2: Enthusiasts

Lift off weight (without fuel): 70g

Peak altitude: 450ft/140m

  • Reusable, the model rocket can be flown again with fresh motor
  • No recovery mechanism included
  • Low power Model Rocket, uses Type C motor
  • Lift off Weight (without fuel): 70 g
  • Peak Altitude: 450 ft / 140m


Kit Contains


  • Rocket Components:
    • 1 Body Tube: PVA bonded high BF sack kraft paper tube
      • Length: 450 mm
      • Diameter: 33 mm
    • 1 Nose Cone: Blow moulded HDPE
    • 5 Fins: Balsa Wood
    • 4 Motor Housing: PVA bonded high BF sack kraft paper tube
    • 10 Block Rings: PVC Foam
    • 20 Centering Rings:  PVC Foam
    • 1 Engine: Class C model rocket motor
      • Fuel: Black Powder
      • Burn Time: 2.5 seconds
    • 2 Igniters 
    • 1 Launch Lug
  • Extras:
    • Rocket Shaped Packaging Box – Souvenir
    • Rocketeers Instruction Manual
    • Branding Stickers
    • One A1 size space themed poster
    • Lasso Test String
    • Fin Sheet
  • Stationary:
    • Scissor
    • Paper Cutter
    • An Electric Tape
    • FeviKwik
    • Sandpaper
    • Pen, Pencil, Eraser, Sharpener, Scale
  • Other Systems Required for Launch:
    • Launch Pad: Tripod Mounted
    • Ignition System: Nichrome heated electrical ignition with wired remote control


Please launch Model Rockets in large open safe flying zones. Follow all safety instructions carefully

  • Introduction to space technology & model rocketry

    Space, Rockets, Types of rockets, Evolution of rockets, Motion, Speed and velocity, Acceleration, Equations of motion for uniform acceleration, Projectile motion, Fluid resistance and terminal speed, Forces, Free-body diagrams, Newton’s laws of motion, Work, energy and power, Kinetic energy, Gravitational potential energy, Fluid dynamics and Bernoulli’s Equation

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  • Aerodynamics

    Understanding air flow, Concept of forces, Concepts of Lift and Drag and associated application, Airplane vs. Rockets, Application of aerodynamics to model rocketry

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  • Propulsion

    Different kind of engines, Basic theory of propulsion, Concepts of weight, thrust, momentum, pressure, Specific impulse, lift-off etc, Comparison with real life examples in balloons, air rockets and launch vehicles, Application of propulsion to model rocket engines

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  • Masterclass

    Interact with an industry veteran/rocket scientist/space scientist

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  • Build & Fly

    Build, stabilize & Fly your own model rocket

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