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Model Rocketry Workshop

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Date/Time Date(s) - 21/02/2019 - 22/02/2019
All Day

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Model Rocketry Workshop
Conducted by Rocketeers Research Institute, Bengaluru
Venue: The National Institute of Engineering, Mysuru
Date: 31.3.2018 to 1.4.2018 (Two-day)
Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm

Fee: Rs. 2600 (Personal Kit)
Rs. 4800 (Group Kit) 3 students sharing one Kit, Rs. 1600 per

For Registration Contact: The National Institute of Engineering, Mysuru | Naseel: 9980564504 or S Rajan: 7760883148

Outline of the Workshop:

Build and fly Model Rockets. Use launchers and remote ignition system.

Understanding engineering principles to design any rocket.

Bringing the dream of rockets and space science closer.

Day 1

Introduction and awareness
Basic Model Rocketry
Building and flying Model Rockets

Day 2

The science of Model Rocketry
– Aerodynamics
– Propulsion
– Flight mechanics

Advanced Rocketry
– Training to use the simulation software for Model Rocketry
– Stability
– Design concepts

Design and fly your own Model Rockets