Everything Space Playing Cards by Rocketeers

849.6 558.88


Premium club quality playing cards deck in a black acrylic slider box


Dimensions:  2.5*3.5 In

No of cards:

52 standard playing cards
4 jokers
2 blank cards



Every design has been handpicked to provide a truly intriguing experience on your next poker night



This deck of playing cards has been specially curated by us for all the space & technology buffs out there. The designs have been carefully selected to make a well rounded deck with just enough of everything. These include images of space vehicles, rocket launches, groundbreaking telescopes, space machines from pop culture, space-themed art, planetary bodies, memes for our Jokers and more. The deck will come with a set of blanks for your personal touches to be added.


Every card is different.
Can you name it all?


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