Rocketeers Model

A safe, fun, and highly versatile hands on STEM education tool for school students, college students and enthusiasts.

The World of Model Rockets


A model rocket is a small solid fuel (Black Powder/APCP) powered rocket that is designed to reach low altitudes (100 to 500 metres) and can be effectively recovered by a variety of means. It allows young people to safely make flying rocket models without having to construct dangerous motor units or directly handle explosive propellants.

Model rocketry has been credited as a significant source for learning especially for school children and enhancing their interest in the field of science and technology.

Model Rocketry has been prevalent in the USA since 1970s, and has since then grown into this large community driven ecosystem not only in America but various other nations globally as well.


We are bringing all of this to India.​

We are now Releasing a completely new line of model rocketry systems, with several different propulsion systems and DIY kits.

These are highly custom kits and you can build various different types, and sizes from the kit.

The level 4 and 5 kits are also capable of carrying payloads like different sensors, cansats, cameras etc.

Here is a small glimpse of basic components of a Rocketeers model rocket.